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Cross-Platform, Mobile, Tablet & Desktop

A decade ago, all you could do was building a native app, one for IOS, one for Android, one for Windows - and a website.

The downside of this was that you had to spend more on development to make apps for different platforms.

With the appearance of PWA's broad cross-platform development options, we can create durable, universally compatible applications using a single codebase.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA), are web applications that can be opened in a web browser on any device, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., they can be installed (and offer offline capabilities) on any modern device.

PWA's have access to the device hardware (push notifications, camera, GPS, etc.).

One of the strongest points of Progressive Web Apps (PWA), is that they are highly adaptive.

They provide the best user experience possible, based on the screen they're being viewed on.

They inherit all the capabilities of the browser they're being run on.

When building a new software we do it in a way so it will last for years or decades with the possibility of new hardware, operating systems, and other "computer infrastructure" in mind.

This includes the transparency of the source code and the availability for modification and customization.

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