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Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for AYASOFT website https://ayasoftghana.com. (hereinafter AYASOFT). This privacy policy has as purpose to disclose what personal data AYASOFT collect about our users. This privacy policy is in place in order to make it easy and understandable for our customers how we process personal data and also contains information about the rights you have concerning your personal data.

AYASOFT is established in Ghana and adheres to Ghana Data Protection Act 2012 as well as European norms. AYASOFT processes personal data in connection with our services.

The different types of personal data along with it's required legal grounds for processing and its specific purposes are further described in the following of this Privacy Policy.

Our collection and use of personal data

Depending of what service you use us for, we process different types of persona data for different purposes, the categories are listed below.

When you register as a user or customer

In order to provide AYASOFT users with service agreed on, like digital marketing and digital ads we process the following personal:

  • name, email-address, phone number, address, location of company and job title.
  • data, information and documents the user / customer provide to us or gives us access to when entering into an agreement with us
  • data we have access to through customers signing up for our conferences and buying tickets for our events The lawful basis for the processing of this is your consent.

When you sign up for our newsletters

When signing up for the newsletters on our website we process personal data about you in order to send you the newsletters and updates on our products and services. This is based on your consent when signing up your email for the specified purpose of receiving updates from AYASOFT.

  • we collect your email address and name

The lawful basis for this processing is your consent when you sign up for the newsletters.

Analytical collection and use of personal data

We use cookies IN BACK-END ONLY (to track movements within the platform, after login) in order to continuously improve and make our website as user friendly as possible we need analytical information about how our users use the website. We try to fulfill our users needs based on analyses of data. In order to do this we collect data for this purpose with beacons.


We keep the personal data as long as it is necessary for the specific purpose of the processing of personal data as listed above under the use and collection section.

Personal data processed for the purpose of sending out newsletters will be stored for as long as the subscriber is still subscribing to the newsletter.

Personal data will not be stored for longer time than the customer wished and can at all times be requested deleted. In some occasions personal data will be stored for a longer time in order for us to comply with legislation and requirements for bookkeeping.

Information security

We use SSL encryption on our website in order to make the personal data we process safe.

Disclosure to third parties

We never share any personal data with any third parties.

No cookies Policy

  • We do not push any cookies to the browser for general visitors.
  • For subscribers, only session cookies are pushed to the navigator.
  • We do not keep session cookies and are removed shortly after the session is logged out or expired.
  • If you observe that cookies are being pushed from our site, then probably your connection is not safe, or you are using a tracking proxy or VPN service.

Your rights

As a customer of our services and in accordance with required legislation you have rights connected to the processing of your personal data listed above.

Right to access

You as a user can at any time request access to which personal data that is stored and processed about you.

Right to be forgotten

You can at all times upon request ask us to delete the personal data concerning you in circumstances such as where we no longer need it or if you withdraw your consent.

Right to rectification

If the personal data we have about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you are entitled to have it rectified.

Withdrawal of consent

You can at any time withdraw your previously given consent as legal basis for processing your personal data.


Disputes and choice of law

This Privacy Policy is governed by the Law of Ghana.
Any disputes regarding this Privacy Policy or how we process personal data should be tried solved in an amicable way. If disputes cannot be solved through negotiation, legal venue should be a court of law in Accra, governed by the Law of Ghana.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We have reserved the right to make changes to this policy when we find it necessary or required by legislation and you will always find the updated version on our website. For any substantial changes our users/customers will be contacted if necessary.

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