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We will not discount because people have an 'addiction' to cheap junk nobody needs.

We decided to refuse to play this game, and not swim with the stream in a race to the bottom.

We launched AYASOFT with the goal of becoming the next great software development company in Ghana and West-Africa, that offers durable, functional solutions to enhance business processes in trade and industry.

Ghana- made, means there is less cost involved - which reflects in the price.

Still, one of the most frequent asked questions we get is "can you reduce it?" and there is really no shortage of reasons why people want or expect a 'discount' at all.

Perhaps it’s because they’re a first time buyer, or maybe second time customer or because it’s Friday, or the first Monday of a given month.

Maybe it’s because it’s hot outside or it’s cold inside.

Or maybe it’s just that they’re not sure about a new product so they require xx% off to try it out.

The only real reason why people want a discount, is because every company offers them. Every time.

We can not even fault people for posing the question - they have been conditioned to expect discounts - and companies artificially raise their prices knowing they will sell with a discount anyway.

It's part of business and they can not get what they want without asking for it.

But have you thought about what it says about a company’s services or products that they can not get people to buy if they did not offer them with a discount?

Once a company starts discounting it becomes almost impossible to ever stop the practice because both the customer and the company get used to the boost.

The long term damage to the brand and investment can be 'felt' immediately... selling a high quality custom made software product with a discount, does not feel right at all.

Trying to build a reputable brand from the ground up, we decided to draw a line.

Our answer will always be the same.

Manipulating people is not our business and most of the junk they buy at cut-throat prices are poorly, 'customized' rip-off's that fall apart before being put to use anyway.

Consider Apple

People understand APPLE is a high value, high quality product that is "worth their money".

And have you ever seen a sale on an Apple product? - Not since the iPod era began...

On the contrary, people lined up for days in front of APPLE stores to grab the latest products at full price with some even paying more, for the added comfort of having it delivered to their doorstep.

Our products are neither cheap, nor in the truly expensive range of high quality app development where prices range from $190-$400 per each hour.

And yes, there are complete WEB App's in Ghana that cost $200 ;)

At AYASOFT we offer the highest quality, custom tailored, cross-platform functional PWA software products that are unlike anything you have seen before.

We bring advanced functionality to high performance on any device, mobile first.

Our customers don’t need to install yet another plug-in or clean malware but can invest the time they safe in using a secure system, on increasing their revenue by being more productive.

We believe in the high quality of our services and products, and in delivering the best possible experience we can.

So, sorry we do not discount.

We offer 'package pricing' to our loyal customers who want to stand out of their competition. They appreciate knowing that we already set a fair price, don’t play games, don't waste time, and that we deliver on all our promises.

We are still a very long way off from being the next great software company in Ghana or West Africa and we are not in the leagues of Apple, but we will stick to our principles and set the best example we can.

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