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We develop your software project
using evolutionary prototyping.

Evolutionary Prototyping is a life-cycle model in which the system is developed in increments so that it can readily be modified in response to end-user or customer feedback.

AYASOFT is a team of elite developers who specialize in assisting companies develop bespoke software products to enhance their processes.

Our team members are more than just software developers - they are experienced specialists who deliver a custom software solution perfectly designed to achieve your specific objectives.

We aim to deliver high value and offer flexible engagement models that enable you to easily scale our services according to your budget and needs.

Because we focus on delivering a usable product, you can cancel your subscription at any time without worrying about being left with unusable code.

The main goal when using evolutionary prototyping is to create a very robust prototype in a well structured manner and then constantly refine it.

The reason for this approach is that the prototype, when built, forms the heart of your new system, where improvements and further requirements will then be implemented as time goes on.

Evolutionary prototyping acknowledges that we do not understand all the requirements and we build only those that are well understood.

This technique allows us to add any features, or make any changes that couldn't be conceived during the requirements and design phase.

For a system to be useful, it must evolve through use in its intended operational environment.

A software product is always maturing, we often try to define a system using our most familiar frame of reference.

We make assumptions about the way business will be conducted and the technology base on which the product will be implemented.

A detailed plan is enacted to develop features and capabilities, and sooner than later, the envisioned system is delivered.

Although the system may not have all the features the users have planned, it may be used on an interim basis until the final solution is completed.

It is not unusual for the user to put an initial prototype to practical use while waiting for updates for a more developed version.

The user may decide that a uncompleted but custom system is better than no system at all.

Our developers focus themselves to develop those parts of the system that they understand instead of working on developing a whole system.

To minimize risks, we do not implement any poorly understood features - a partial system is made available. As users work with the system, they detect opportunities for new features and give requests for these features to developers.

Our developers then take these enhancement requests along with their own and use sound practices to change the specification, update the design, recode and retest.

Most evolutionary-prototyping efforts begin by prototyping the user interface and then evolving the completed system from that, but prototyping can start with any high-risk area.

Advantages of evolutionary prototyping

There are many advantages to using evolutionary prototyping in software development.

Reduced time and costs: Evolutionary prototyping can improve the quality of requirements and specifications provided to developers. Because changes cost exponentially more to implement as they are detected later in development, the early determination of what the user really wants can result in faster and less expensive software.

Improved and increased user involvement: Evolutionary prototyping requires user involvement and allows them to see and interact with a prototype allowing them to provide better and more complete feedback and specifications.

The presence of the prototype being examined by the user prevents many misunderstandings and miscommunications that occur when each side believe the other understands what they said.

Since users know the issues better than anyone on the development team does, increased interaction can result in a final product that has much greater quality.

The final product is more likely to satisfy the user's desire for look, feel and performance.

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