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Slow websites
cause stress like a horror movie!

If you want happy customers and happy search engines: Improve your website speed!

A research from Ericsson found that people become really stressed when experiencing delays on mobile websites and multi-media and that the stress level is comparable to watching a horror movie!

Improving your website's speed means making people happy! They'll enjoy using your site more, buy more and come back more often. This, in turn, means that Google will value your website as a great search result because you are delivering when it comes to website quality.

Let's take care of Web performance optimization (WPO) of your website

for high loading speed and top search engine rankings

It is not as simple as getting a good score in all those site speed test tools. You will not get a second chance for the very first impression, and not investing in a fast and attractive website, is almost as if you don't care about your customers time and browsing experience.

According to research by Google, people expect websites to load in less than three seconds before they consider leaving altogether. Amazon states that even milliseconds in delays cost them millions of dollars in revenue. It means: Every millisecond counts!

We launch websites that load in UNDER 1 SECOND, and are unique, hand coded from scratch.

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