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Lighthouse drives PageSpeed Insights drives Google ranking

Lighthouse audits highlight content and/or scripts that impede end-users interaction with visible content on the webpage. As the user begins to read or interact with the visible content, additional content and scripts continue to load or run in the background. Faster interaction times can improve your site ROI.

Page load time, the number of pages per session and bounce rates have a direct effect on the revenue of your online business and your website’s ability to meet the needs of its visitors. In this regard, consider the following:

  • the average loading time for an e-commerce website’s page is 6.7 seconds;
  • websites with page loading time of more than 6.7 seconds are 9 times less likely to sell.

Test your website

To run a test with Lighthouse, simply enter your url and click TEST.

Out of 100 possible points,

  • Good sites score over 75
  • Average sites run 45-74
  • Poor sites range from 44 to 0
  • Only results under Metrics contribute to the score

AYASOFT can improve your score but keep in mind to achieve perfect results like this:

Google Lighthouse Optimization SEO Search Engine Optimization Ghana not possible with a WordPress website.

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