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Secure Website Development Services in Ghana

No single aspect of marketing is more important than a secure website, after all - it is your organization’s front door.

A “good” website isn’t good enough to break through and to convert users into engaged customers and brand ambassadors.

Website security requires vigilance in all aspects of website development.

How can we prevent your website from being hacked?

In fact, all websites are being targeted daily by hackers that try to steal important information present on these websites or their database.

While you may wonder where to get a functional, secure website in Ghana, we are here to assist; AYASOFT Ghana is the experienced guru of the Internet world and the best website development company Ghana!

Secure Website development is an iterative process that comprises design, implementation, vulnerability testing, and monitoring.

A hacked or broken website results in compromised user experience or corrupt data - which is not good news for any stakeholder involved.

We’ve all seen it and the apparent ease with which even Ghana based hackers have been able to access a host of well known websites that you’d consider was developed and hosted beyond harm.

Secure, un-hackable website development is the key to your ongoing service provision as no client wants to have to deal with unscheduled maintenance, malicious damage, intrusion, or breakdowns.

Effective website security requires efforts across the whole of the website: the configuration of the web server, policies for creating and renewing passwords, and the client-side / front-end code.

Application defects or flaws can lead to detrimental leaks of sensitive data such as credit card numbers or financial records.

AYASOFT is pleased to announce the achievement of 100% uptime over the last decade for all our clients’ websites featuring secure code which are hosted on highly secure servers.

The robust build of our secure website development (coding & design) including marketing- sales and information platforms with secured log-in areas is ahead of current best practice to approach and implementation.

Our websites are regularly backed up and in the unlikely situation of a disaster recovery being required your digital asset would be restored in a timely manner.

AYASOFT offers security features in all of the key areas as a standard feature within our secure website development services:

  • Bot Blocking
  • E-mail injection protection
  • Files upload abuse protection
  • Session / Cookie hijacking protection
  • Valid SSL Certification
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • CDN
  • Firewall
  • Secure administrative passwords
  • Data Backups
  • Two-Step verification
  • SQL injection protection
  • Spam Prevention
  • Hot Link Protection
  • SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol)
  • URL Encoding abuse protection
  • Registrar lock
  • User input validation
  • Keeping your server up to date
  • DDOS Prevention
  • Limit access to your server
  • Hide Passwords & Email Addresses
  • Secure CMS Publishing
  • SSH (Secure Shell Host)

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