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We provide you with the tools
to transform analytics into insights.

A business which makes decisions based on market studies, sales statistics, competition analysis, website statistics and so on, has greater chances to succeed than an enterprise which acts 'in the dark', totally concentrated in its own activities.

Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing Web usage.

Know how all your digital marketing efforts are performing, and track your digital marketing expenditure to measure it against the results being achieved:

  • Number of visits or sessions. A visit to a website is generally considered ended when the user does not click for more than half an hour;
  • Number of visitors or users. Each user can visit a website more than once; this metric takes into account only unique visitors regardless to how many visits or sessions he has done;
  • Number of visited pages. Total number of web pages seen in a time lapse by visitors;
  • Visits per page. How many times a single page has been visited in a time lapse;
  • Bounce rate. Percentage of visits ended with a single page visited;
  • Number of pages per visit. How many pages are seen on average by visitors;
  • Average time per visit. Calculated from the entire amount of visits to the website in a time lapse;
  • Events. They are user interactions with website’s elements previously identified as relevant to reach business objectives;
  • Conversions. They are the all acts of converting visitors in valuable users. They drive to achieve the online marketing campaign goals. Each type of conversion can be associated to a numerical value, thus the whole value can be measured.

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